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Raizetna Art Show with guest performance by MADCO 


Raizetna Would like to thank each of these dancers for participating in the Raizetna Art Show. They all did such of lovely job in a small amount of practice. We love each of you and think you all beautiful people and dancers. During the show we had some technology issues,

Thank you for your professional approach!

Raizetna also would like to recognize each of the dancers in the show...

We are extremely proud of you each!

Emma L- Thank you for your outgoing smiles 

Emma R.- Thank you for your willingness to always help

Ivy B- Thank you for being such of sweet child, you growing into a beautiful dancer. 

Emilee B- You are a muse! Your technique is delightful to watch!

Kayla- Thank you for the beauty in your lines!

Maya W- You are so strong and smart, your dance gets just better and better and the respect you bring to each rehearsal is amazing!

Sacred- You sazzy personality shows in your dancing! we love it!

Audrey- You are a beautiful dancer! we love the feet!

Maiya E- You might be mellow, but when when you dance is loud! 

Sephora- wow you grown so much as a dancer!

Alia- We admire your dedication for dance, lovely dancer

Mere-Your adaptability is awesome, you are overcoming your injuries while you dance lovely. 

Kylie- You are always a happy soul, and we love you! you were a lovely latch :)

Bella- Your improvement is showing over and over! lovely dancing!

Aspen- we can't stop taking our eyes over you when you dance!

Helena- The sweetest dancer in town! and you hypnotize your audience. 

Kaylee- Your dance lines are exquisite! 

We would like to recognize Maya Walling

Maya learned Barricade in three rehearsals and she was able to perform amazingly , the level of commitment Maya has is outstanding, the dedication and respect, the willing to learn, make corrections are noticed by all her teachers, SCB, MDC, RAIZETNA and MADCO are aware of the talents, the persistence, work ethic and hard work Maya has done to become the dancer she is now! Raizetna is providing Maya a $200 scholarship for the summer intensives at School of Classical Ballet. 

Raizetna Recognitions 

Emma M

Your dedication for dance has always been supernatural! We love you 

and we see how much work you put into everything you do. during injurie you never missed practices, you worked hard and you continue to work hard. I can't wait to see what 2022 unfolds for you as a dancer. We love you!


You are such of power dynamite dancer, the passion you use for each move is intoxicating!

The grown you shown this year is something we feel so proud, you are growing not just as a dancer but also you are maturing and protecting your worth as a person. We won't get tired to say. You are evolving! We love you!

Elizabeth C. 

Hello you crazy bumble personality! We are so happy to have you on board, your talent is to the roof

we of course like to keep you humble :)

You are an inspiration for others and that comes with a big responsibility.. Keep always being the sweetest and hold those crazy point feet on earth. You are extremely gifted, so the combination of your talent and drive will take you far! We love you!


You are wise and bold! We feel so proud of your improvement as a dancer this last year! You left a shell and are on the path! 

I'm so glad we changed your costume and saw those beautiful legs! We love you!


Maggie we are excited for you! you join us half way of the season and you raised to the occasion. 

You have a unique motion, and we think you don't even know it! Your contagious smile (even when you don't suppose to smile :)) it brings light into the room! We love you!


Jordyn we are so fortunate you joined the company, you are an inspiration to all these young kids. 

you are mature, dedicated, strong, compassionate and respectful. You are the perfect child. ( I guess we have to keep you humble too). You did an outstanding dancing these season. We are proud that you joined to contribute and set an example for all! We love you!


Anna you amaze us, you are so strong and dedicated! We can't stop watching you dance, the level of passion you have into everything you do is a WOW! You are mature, sweet, beautiful inside out! 

the values you have are breathtaking! You are humble as well, and thats hard to find in a such of talented dancer. We love you!


All we can say you don't behave like the TV show  "Dance Moms"  and that says a lot!

Thank you for being supportive, prudent, thank you for communicating with us appropriately. 

Thank you for your funny comments during stressful times and mostly, Thank you for trusting us with your kids!


Thank you for all your support morally and with dance, you are indescribable good! A candle who will consume itself to give light to others. The support and talent you nurture in your students is out of this world! We love you Carly!


Thank you for watching and support Raizetna!


Thank you for supporting Raizetna and provide a place to rehearse with positive and clean environment 

Thank you SCB, for nurturing these dancers with classical training!

leave us a comment did you have fun?

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