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Open Auditions April 30th 6-7:30 PM

Raizetna is looking for dancers who would love to expand their performance skills. We offer specialized individual attention to each of our members, come and try out! April 30th 6-7:30PM at Montana Dance Center. (701 Daniel street)

If you would like to set up a private audition please send your information to with one minute dance video and your name and contact information.

Come prepare to the audition!

Applicants to the Dance Company will participate in two technique classes: one ballet and one contemporary modern (pointe is not required).

OPTIONAL Following the classes, each student will be offer the opportunity to present a solo that is 1 minute in length. The solo may be a repertory piece or original choreography. Applicants must provide the accompaniment for solos. Phones and MP3 players are acceptable. An interview with the dance faculty is also required if the student gets chosen to advance to the second part of the audition.

Applicants should choose from the following appropriate attire for their audition:

Solid-colored leotard and leggings

Solid-colored T-shirt tight fit and leggings

Tight fit clothes.

Please note: ballet class requires ballet slippers. Modern class will be barefoot. Hair must be neat and securely held out of face and eyes.

if you are unable to come for the open audition, please contact to set up a private audition in a different time.

Audition cost is $10

per dancer, please come ealier to register. Due Covid regulations we have limited spots to audition for April 30th ... if you would like to pre- register email

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