• We offer the opportunity to compete in a safe and fun environment to enter the competition dance industry with the satisfaction of not feeling pressured to take several classes.
  • We provide the dancer opportunities and links to perform with other dance companies.
  • We provide individualized (one in one) family oriented settings for dancers to grow in skills and mature with a strong character.
  • We offer the opportunity for dancers to compete representing RaizEtna, but providing the freedom to dancers to dance and compete in other places as well.

Training and requirements

Students are required to train and take classes in order to qualify for the competition groups. RaizEtna notify about  workshops and masterclasses for the kids to train.  However, dancers must be enrolled in one or more technical classes during the season.. i.e.  Jazz, contemporary, modern, ballet, tap, and hip hop.

RaizEtna’s vision is to offer the dancers more opportunities  to perform.

 Our recommendation  is  to take two or more ballet classes . We highly recommend dancers  to train with choreographers during the season because the style of each of them is so amazingly unique.

Dancers may train and dance at other studios of their choosing.  We encourage the dancers to take different styles and take different classes with different teachers. RaizEtna believes the more exposure a dancer has to different styles, the better the dancer will become.

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Our Services

Directors Note

​We encourage dancers to train with different teachers, the more exposure the dancers have the better training they received.


Cost and fees

​Each dancer is required to pay to be part of the company.

$fee a moth with a season contract - includes choreography and unlimited cleaning sessions. 


$fee per session with no season contract


Group dances:Dancers  are required to  split the price  of the choreography  among the group. 

For solo dancers the fees is cover by the soloist.

For every competition that we enter, there is an entry fee.  The dancer is required to pay the fees for competition.