Raquel Salazar

Maddy Hust

2016-2017 Teen group 14-16 years old

Carlie Dodd

Reagan Chakos

Madelyne Hust

Raquel Salazar

Megan Ayers

Macey. M

Junior Group 10-13 years old

Miley Sedlack

Emma M.

Kennedy McGowen. 


Simon Douglas

Abby R. 

Anna Waldorf


Call us to set up a private audition 

RaizEtna Dance Company . We offer great opportunities to expose dancers to different performances,competitions and training in different styles, as well as a safe and positive environment. We accept all ages for  group dances OR SOLOIST. We have great choreographers on board!. Auditions will be hosted by Montana Dance Center. For more information please Contact Maribel  Parman at 406-794-1215

Company members

RaizEtna provides a safe and enjoyable environment where dancers perform their love of dance. Dedication, commitment and respect are just some of the many values that this company envisions while exposing the dancers to competitive settings. Dance is a passion that comes from the heart which should be apparent through our actions. RaizEtna assists in molding full-hearted dancers and placing them in a situation where they will able to compete and have the opportunity to train with many local and out of town professional choreographers. We teach how to appreciate competitive dance with kindness, humility, and joy



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