Who we are

    RaizEtna’s is a company  that wants to offer the dancers more opportunities  to perform. 


Director's note 

Name definition

Raiz –Spanish word for roots

Etna– powerful crater that inspire respect, which constantly experienced a variety of different styles of eruptions.

Metaphorically RaizEtna is the representation of an honorable multi-style dancer who has the  most valuable roots of commitment, dedication, and joy. The root of power, or instilled values, allows dancers to overcome obstacles without hurting anything or anybody along the way. 


RaizEtna's vision is to provide a safe and enjoyable environment where dancers perform their love of dance. Dedication, commitment, and respect are just some of the many values that this company envisions while exposing the dancers to competition and other performances.


RaizEtna's mission is to create a culture of unity in the dance community.  to be recognize as a company that helps dancers mature in skills and character.


Teach dancers how to compete not against other dancers, instead using the challenge to improve one's own skill. and what they want to become while  having more opportunities to perform and developed strong characters.


Respect, commitment and dedication, teamwork, compassion, community, contribution, determination, and happiness. 



Dance is a passion that comes from the heart which should be apparent through our actions. RaizEtna assists in molding passionate dancers and placing them in a situation where they will able to compete and have the opportunity to train with many local and out of town professional choreographers. We teach how to appreciate competitive dance with kindness, humility, and joy.